Communication – Never Wonder About The Status Of Your Orange County Divorce Case

“My attorney doesn’t call me back.” Those are words you will never speak after you hire Farzad Family Law. Our divorce lawyers put client communication at the top of the list in a successful attorney and client relationship with all of our divorce and family law cases. But why? Why is client communication so essential to your success.

1. It’s Your Case – You Have To Be Actively Involved Every Step Of The Way

Divorce lawyers sometimes forget that it’s not them that’s going through a divorce – it’s their client. Have you ever known any problem that you have paid little attention to & the problem fixed itself? Neither have I. Your Orange County divorce or paternity case is no different. From the moment you contact us, we practice what we preach. We go through your case and talk about what we should be able to resolve quickly and what may require more work. You help us understand what custody, support, property and family law issues you have. We offer solutions and options that fit your short-term and long-term goals and your budget.

I can’t tell you how many times a frustrated new client who has been represented by another attorney calls me and tells me half way through our conversation, “my lawyer hasn’t talked to me about any of these issues.” It’s like an awakening hearing that things don’t have to be as bad as they are, that the California Family Code and law actually provides more options and solutions that you ever knew were possible. Those solutions to your Orange County divorce case becomes possible when I know the facts of your case, its issues, its nuances, your spouse’s personality and psychology and your goals and I know it cold.

2. Calls, Emails & Meetings – You Are Always Informed

When you call me, I pick up the phone and speak with you. If I am in a meeting or in court, you get a call back that same day 95% of the time and if I cannot get back to you during business hours, I call you after hours or schedule a time the following day. When we send you documents, we email you so you have an electronic copy of everything we prepare or receive. You email us at 9pm at night with a question? Don’t be surprised if you have an email back from me before 10pm that same evening. It’s part of our personality and every lawyer at Farzad Family Law handles cases the same way – with a priority on communication and dialogue with the client every step of the way from the beginning of your Orange County family law case to its successful end.

3. We Won’t Let You File And Forget Stress does funny things.

It’s not unusual for a husband, wife, father or mother to not want to deal with the problems in their divorce or paternity case, whether it is custody, support, property or other issues that exist. You’d prefer if the problem just went away on its own. We’ll help you overcome that mindset and take on your case with strength and smarts.

Almost without exception, good people who go through emotional roller coaster rides during a divorce haven’t had an experienced and intelligent lawyer, like the lawyers at Farzad Family Law, sit down with them and take their time going through the facts. You are anxious, nervous and frustrated because what’s in your head and heart hasn’t been communicated effectively and nobody has asked you the right questions and offered you solutions. Patience is what we excel at. While we are aggressive and tough in family court for you, we are patient and compassionate with you. How patient we are may actually surprise you in the beginning because I will bet you are not used to it, especially if you are looking for a change in representation. But once you experience our solution focused representation and see first hand what a difference effective communication can make in your Orange County divorce and family law case, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. “I talk to my lawyer regularly. I am informed about my case. I couldn’t be happier with their communication.” Get used to thinking and saying that once you hire Robert Farzad and Farzad Family Law. It’s how we roll.

Call me.

Let’s talk.

We will find solutions together.

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