Does A Flat Fee Option Make Sense For Your Orange County Divorce Case?

Most Orange County divorce lawyers won’t give you a flat fee quote for your divorce case. They won’t do it because they claim to be unable to “predict” how much time will go into it. While predicting time is difficult, that shouldn’t prevent you from having stability to the fees you pay. Here are how Farzad Family Law, experienced divorce lawyers in Orange County, can give you a predictable fee structure that will help you budget your divorce.

1. If your Orange County case is uncontested (you and your spouse agree on everything), we can quote you a flat fee to get the divorce petition filed, served and prepare the settlement agreement between the two of you. Our reasonable flat fee quote can take you from the beginning of your case to its end and save you thousands of dollars.

2. Sometimes, custody or support become the only disputed issue between you and your spouse because the two of you don’t have assets to divide. No problem. Farzad Family Law can quote you a flat fee to handle your custody or support issues in Orange County Family Court, knowing that once you have that done, everything else will fall into place.

3. If you and your spouse are in settlement negotiations, he or she has a lawyer and you don’t, we can quote you a flat fee to handle the negotiations on your behalf. Farzad Family Law’s knowledge and experience will give you the best chance of reaching a fair settlement and putting your Orange County divorce case successfully behind you.

4. Got a last-minute trial? Call us. Depending on your case, we can quote you a flat fee and aggressively represent you in court.

5. Post judgment custody or support issues are very common and it doesn’t have to break you financially. We will give you an affordable case strategy session and a quote that will take you through whatever post judgment divorce or paternity case you may have.

Call or email us today for your case strategy session and a quote that will ensure you representation from the top Orange County divorce and family law lawyers, Farzad Family Law.

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