Protecting Your Children

In a perfect world, mothers and fathers would c0-parent, act in their children’s best interest and equally share in the care and upbringing of their children, even after a divorce. Life isn’t perfect and neither are parents. That is where the California Family Code and California child custody laws enter and set parameters for parents’ conduct.

The number one principle of all child custody laws is the determination of a child’s “best interest.” This term has no specific definition but is generally understood to refer to the child’s health, safety, welfare and education. In a divorce or paternity case in Orange County, the issues of legal custody, physical custody and visitation all center around “best interest.”

The California legislature and Courts protect children from physically or mentally abusive parents, parents who abuse drugs or alcohol, parents who engage in reckless or criminal behavior, parents who fail to advance their children’s education or become a detriment to it and parents who refuse to communicate, co-parent or violate the other parent’s legal custody rights.

Farzad Family Law protects children by only representing good parents. We don’t represent abusive parents. We don’t represent parents who endanger a child’s health, safety and welfare. We don’t represent parents who have failed to take responsibility for their past behavior. We don’t expect perfection – far from it – and even if you have made mistakes in the past, it’s your present intentions and present conduct that matters to us. Everyone deserves a second chance and no parent should be foreclosed from a relationship with their child unless that parent’s behavior and conduct was egregious.

Throughout the pages of this site, you will read our specific approach on Orange County child custody cases that involve such topics as abuse, alcohol or drug use, the role of court appointed forensic psychologists or a lawyer for the children as well as the often emotional move-away cases.

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