Physical And Emotional Abuse

It’s fact – children who grow up with one or more abusive parent have a significantly higher chance of becoming abusers of their own children.

Here is another fact – parents who abuse their children or who abuse the other parent should lose their custody and visitation rights.

My patience level for those who abuse their children or engage in domestic violence against the other parent is non-existent. I have seen throughout my professional career families destroyed by the time an abused parent has come to me and asked for my help to protect him or her and the children. I roll up my sleeves, I investigate the facts and when I have confirmation of the abuse, I am relentless in ensuring my Orange County family law judge is aware of the abuse and has all of the evidence he or she needs to take away the perpetrator’s legal and physical custody rights and, when necessary, all visitation but for monitored visits. In situations where a parent has come to me from a battered woman’s shelter, I have taken on the representation for free.

To every parent who has been the victim of serious domestic violence or who has had his or her child abused by another, my law firm’s door is open for you and I will protect you from the abuser. To the perpetrator of that violence, you are forewarned that I will not rest until I have severed you from the lives you have tried to ruin.

One word of caution – making false allegations of abuse is just as bad as the abuse. Parents who make false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect should be placed in the same category as an actual abuser. Farzad Family Law has successfully represented fathers and mothers who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence and successfully taken custody and visitation rights away from the malicious parent who made the false allegations.

If you are involved in a contentious Orange County child custody case that involves physical or emotional abuse or you expect that may be the path your case will go or you are being falsely accused, do not hesitate for one more minute. Pick up your phone and call me at (714) 937-1193 or email me and we will aggressively protect you and your children.

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