Orange County Move Away Cases

Move away cases can be one of the most emotionally challenging family law matters parents will ever face. To move a child across California State lines, to another state or to another country presents legal challenges that should be handled by experienced and knowledgeable Orange County child custody lawyers like Farzad Family Law, APC.

The child custody move away case starts before you ever file a single court document. If you are a parent who is considering filing a move away case, you must consult with us before you file anything with the Court. I have seen too many move away cases started incorrectly and without the necessary facts presented to the Court and, once you start a move away case, it’s very difficult to stop it because you can generally expect the Orange County Court will rule on your move away regardless of whether you are ready to proceed or not and, if you lose, you may lose custody rights of your child or children.

However, if you contact us, we will conduct a diligent investigation of your case and its facts, tell you what evidence the Court will need to rule in your favor, help gather that evidence and then prepare and file your move away request with the Court. We will then aggressively represent you in Orange County court. Do it right from the start with our experience and knowledge on your side and you won’t face a move away case that will be denied because you were not prepared or, worse yet, have your request back fire and cause you to lose custody.

If you are the parent that was served with a move away request or you suspect your ex intends to file one, you must not wait another moment to act. The great majority of parents do not want to see their child or children taken away from them but that is exactly what happens in a move away case. The quality of custody and visitation time you enjoy now will disappear in a flash if you don’t aggressively oppose the other parent’s move away case, insist on the appointment of a forensic psychologist to evaluate the move away request and hire experienced Orange County child custody lawyers like Farzad Family Law, APC

You cannot walk into a move away case unprepared. If you do, the consequences can be dire and irreversible.

Call or email me about your Orange County child custody and move away case. We will get you started on the right path and find solutions together.

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