High Asset Orange County Divorce Cases

High asset Orange County divorce cases can range from simple to the most complex. If the spouses are amicable toward each other and there aren’t serious allegations of child abuse, neglect or endangerment or major disagreement regarding the division of assets, even a high asset case can resolve quickly.

Unfortunately, many times, the bitter feelings and emotions spouses feel toward each other in any divorce case can balloon into something far worse when there is plenty of money for the fight. Is that smart? No. Burning attorney fees in a divorce case just to get back at your spouse only benefits the attorneys and couples can throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions fighting over nonsense.

Farzad Family Law, APC are experienced divorce lawyers in high asset Orange County divorce cases. We don’t let the cases get to that point and we protect our clients from a spouse who intends to waste our client’s money or use the children as leverage. How do we do this?

1. Our first focus is the children. Unless there are issues of abuse or neglect that require the involvement of a forensic psychologist or court intervention, custody and visitation should resolve quickly to avoid the kids from being used as leverage later on in the case. If your spouse is one who is prone to emotional mood swings, has threatened you with financial harm, harassed or intimidated you, it’s important that you protect the children from him or her. That means we decide quickly what custody and visitation schedule is in the children’s best interest and we give your spouse the option to accept it or go to court. If a reasonable custody and visitation schedule cannot be reached, getting the issue to court without delay is essential. You need court orders to bring stability to the children’s schedule.

2. While we protect the children, our law firm is hard at work to make sure accounts are not liquidated, stocks are not sold, 401(k)s are not emptied out and your spouse does not abscond with your community property. I have seen the stories of spouses that empty out bank accounts, sell assets without the other spouse’s consent and even transfer property and accounts into family member’s names in an attempt to hide them.

3. Child and spousal support are the next order of business and, in high asset cases that involve a self-employed spouse, a forensic accounting and cash flow analysis may be necessary from the outset of the case. Whether you are the husband or the wife, you don’t want a support order that is not consistent with California law. Husbands can get hit with unreasonable high support just as wives can receive unreasonably low support if a forensic accountant is not brought into the case to do a controllable cash flow analysis. Not every case needs an accountant but, in those that do, hiring one early is important to avoid unfair results.

4. Attorney’s fees are a common area of dispute in high asset cases especially when one spouse makes all or most of the money. Should bank accounts be divided early to allow each party to pay for lawyer’s fees? Should assets be sold? Should the lower earning spouse file a motion with the court requesting attorney’s fees based on need and the other spouse’s ability to pay? The answers to these questions vary depending on the case.

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