Middle Class Orange County Divorce

Someone recently said to me that “middle class divorce has disappeared because couples can’t afford lawyers anymore.” There is a little bit of truth to this statement but the words actually miss the point. Middle class divorce has not disappeared. Lawyers have simply failed to adjust their strategy and fees for middle class couples.

Wealth should never be the difference between good or bad representation. So long as you are reasonable in your expectations, you too can afford an experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer in Orange County, like the lawyers at Farzad Family Law…and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm, leg or any other limb.

The typical middle class divorce involved a family residence, 1-3 children, a one income household where the bread-winner makes $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 per year or two working parents that make about that, together, cars, some money in the bank and of course the standard debts that go along with their lifestyle. Do couples like this have to remain self represented? Of course not. Here is how we handle middle class divorces.

1. We put together a plan of action and create a marital balance sheet for you so that you can see how the Court will likely divide your assets and debts and what the likely custody and support issues will be.

2. We put together a budget for you and, if you need it, we can put you on a fair payment plan that is fair to us and works for you.

3. We give your spouse the mandatory disclosures that you have completed and receive the same from your spouse.

4. We make a settlement offer to your spouse consistent with our discussions and your approval and consistent with California law.

5. We settle as many issues as we can for you and we do it quickly so you don’t incur a lot of fees and costs.

6. Whatever issues we cannot settle, we will either have a mediator assist all of us or ask the Court to set a hearing or trial date to bring closure.

Does this have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Of course not and it won’t so long as you are reasonable and cooperative. Now, if your spouse is out of control, we have a plan for that too.

Call me.

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We will find solutions together.

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